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Balinese Massage
Balinese Massage

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Get your body and mind in harmony with a soothing Balinese massage therapy. Bali is a province in Indonesia and the massage therapy is influenced by Indian Ayurveda and Chinese Acupuncture. While Ayurveda is about channelizing energy and eliminating negative energy, Acupuncture methodologies include reflexology to stimulate blood flow, lymphatic system and qi (energy). Balinese massage includes stroking, aromatherapy, kneading, stretching and acupressure.

Fluid retention can lead to a host of health disorders making it important for a smooth blood circulation in the body. The role of trained therapists is to remove this congestion and promote blood circulation improving body functions. The upward stroke promote blood circulation and rushes the blood to various parts of the body thereby improving the skin tone and leaving your face fresh. It relieves spasms and helps in soothing the nerves.

Proper draining of the lymphatic fluids is essential to remove body pain and fatigue. The masseuse during the massage process squeeze and stretch the skin to flush out lactic acid and encourage circulating of lymphatic fluids leaving your muscles relaxed.


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